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Kayla Hounsell sits down with Jackie Kellestine and Nicole Eddy, to discuss the option for women to give birth at home with a midwife.
November 25, 2012

Halifax Media Co-op

21st Century Midwifery? Not in Nova Scotia
November 24, 2012


Home births still on hold as IWK recruits midwives
November 10, 2012

CTV News

N.S. midwifery only taking baby steps: critics

August 6, 2012

Halifax Herald

Second midwife hired as IWK hospital re-establishes program
July 11, 2012

CBC: Information Morning

How will the IWK react to the Midwifery report? An interview with Jocelyn Vine, VP of Patient Care for the IWK.
August 16, 2011

An Antigonish mom says a midwife changes everything
August 17, 2011

Globe and Mail

Confidence in Nova Scotia's midwifery program waning: review
August 10, 2011

Chronicle Herald

N.S. midwifery program must expand or die, report says
August 10, 2011


NS Midwifery facing 'collapse,' report finds
August 10, 2011

Metro News

Midwifery review finds lost confidence
August 10, 2011

Information Morning, Nova Scotia

Why are there no midwives at the IWK?
Monday, May 9, 2011

The Chronicle Herald

IWK defends Midwifery Policy
Jan 20, 2010

The Chronicle Herald

Hundreds expected to rally for IWK midwifery program
Jan 19, 2010

The Halifax Commoner

Group calls for change in N.S. midwifery rules
Jan 12, 2011

The Globe and Mail

Alternative Birthing Program on Hold at Halifax Hospita
Dec 26, 2010

The Chronicle Herald

Advocates: Move midwife program to North End Clinic
Dec 21, 2010


Sages-femmes la recherche d'un toit
Dec 21, 2010

CBC Mainstreet

CBC Mainstreet is following the crisis in the IWK midwifery program:

"Province Weighs in on Midwifery Debate: The Health Minister and the Liberal and Tory health critics wade into the debate over midwives at the IWK, and whether it makes sense to have them working under the supervision of the hospital." Dec 21

"IWK Hospital on Shortage of Midwives: The IWK responds to concerns that its collaboration with midwives is a failed experiment" Dec 20, 2010

"No more Midwives Available in Halifax: Meet a mom who's due to give birth on Christmas Eve with a midwife...and why that's no longer an option." Dec 20, 2010

"Your thoughts on Midwifery in NS: We read your mail on the subject, including a letter from a midwife who was fired by the IWK." Dec 17, 2010

"Why some Nova Scotians who want midwives...can't get them: Many women thought government regulation and funding of midwifery would be a good thing. But it hasn't worked out for everybody. Find out why." Dec 16, 2010

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News 95.7 FM

Midwife program at IWK in jeopardy; new mothers concerned about access to care
Dec 20, 2010

CBC Online

Halifax Midwifery Program Needs New Home
Dec 19, 2010

Chronicle Herald

No Midwives Left at IWK
Dec 18, 2010

Metro News

Does NS Have a Critical Shortage of Midwives?
Dec 7 2010

Metro News

IWK delay in midwife homebirth program riles activists
July 7, 2009