Fall Lobby

Information for Midwifery Lobby
Fall 2015

Lately, midwifery has been stalled in Nova Scotia.  Despite assurances from all parties that the issue is important and is being addressed, six years after midwives began working in NS, the service is still available in only three places in the province.

Over this Summer, there has been considerable public discussion about the state of maternity care in the province – stimulated by complaints from obstetricians when the government ceased covering the costs of their insurance and by the departure of high profile OBs.  Throughout this discussion, there has been little mention of the role midwives can play in delivering high quality maternity care.  We’d like to correct that.

As a first step, the MCNS, along with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives  - Nova Scotia, is organizing a panel discussion in September.  The panel will focus on charting a path for maternity care in NS. 

The MCNS would like to follow this with visits to MLAs, to let them know that midwifery is an important issue to their constituents.  These visits are most effective when the person doing the lobbying is actually a constituent of the politician being lobbied.  Ideally, we’d like at least one person from each of the 51 ridings to visit their MLA.  More would be even better.

The goal of this lobbying effort is to put midwifery back on the agenda by bringing the issue to the attention of as many MLAs as possible during a relatively brief period of time this Fall.  The timing will depend on when the Fall sitting of the legislature ends, as it’s easier for most of us to visit our MLA when he or she is in his home riding.

We hope the information in this package will help you to feel comfortable and confident in setting up a meeting and talking about midwifery. 

Download the package in Word or as a .pdf